Stroopwafel Shipping & Returns

Welcome to the stroopwafel shipping page from Stroopwafel World.

We do ship authentic Dutch quality stroopwafels (syrup waffles, treacle waffle, caramel waffle) from the Netherlands to the World. To some countries we almost ship every day and to other countries several times a week.

Want to buy stroopwafels?

When you consider to buy stroopwafels online from Stroopwafel World hereby some more information due to the shipping period. Our shipments are shipped from the Netherlands. The most important is that our clients are satisfied with the quality of the stroopwafels. Our goal is to minimize the return stroopwafel rate!

Shipping Inside the EU
Shipping within the EU has an average rate of €9.99 (as ''beginning''). Inside the Netherlands the shipping rate is obviously lower, like €5.50.

Outside the EU
Shipping outside the EU has an average shipping rate of €19,50 (as ''start''), depending on the weight of the products in the stroopwafel cart and the complexity to reach the country the transport costs can increase. If you want to order stroopwafels in bulk fee free to reach the customer stroopwafel service.

Below you can see the estimated period in days it will take before your can eat your delicious authentic stroopwafels in your country.

Inside the EU

Inside EU
Outside the EU
Outside the EU
Try stroopwafels!

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Returning orders

In some case it can happen that, you are not completely satisfied with your order. You have the right to change your mind within 14 days after doing the stroopwafel purchase. If you want to return the order, please reach our customer service and sent the product in original conditions back to Stroopwafel World. So far almost all of our clients are satisfied with the quality and the packaging of the products from Stroopwafel World. Our goal is that our satisfied clients will do a stroopwafel rebuy, so we can make them happy again!

(last update: 23-01-2019)

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