Import & Export

Import stroopwafels from the Netherlands

Dutch stroopwafels are increasing in popularity worldwide. Stroopwafels go perfectly with any hot beverage like: coffee, tea or hot chocolate. The stroopwafels come originally from The Netherlands, specifically from Gouda. If you would like to read some more background information about stroopwafels, you can read our blog.

United Airlines offers free stroopwafels on board, a lot of (frequently) flyers do taste the first stroopwafels on board. Based on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook the travelers really like stroopwafels. Based on our client reviews we can share that more than 95% of the people do like the stroopwafel. Many tourists who come the first time to Amsterdam try the stroopwafels in Amsterdam or Gouda. When they go back to their country they miss stroopwafels and will look where they can get authentic stroopwafels. Stroopwafel World do sent stroopwafels worldwide our clients order stroopwafels in our webshop. We do split to the World.

Launch your private stroopwafel label

To create a more luxury branding for stroopwafels you can consider to sell them in stroopwafel tins. These tins give stroopwafels extra protection (during shipping) and gives the ability to refill them. The shelf-life of the (export) stroopwafels goes at least to three quarter year. The stroopwafel trend is that people heat up their own stroopwafels on a cup of (hot) coffee or tea. This makes the stroopwafel almost as fresh as on the market (again). We do have partners to develop your own customized stroopwafel branding (private label) to gain more brand awareness for your company. Once you are interested in ordering stroopwafels in bulk please reach out through the customer service of Stroopwafel World. We are able to give you more information about the bulk pricing and shipping conditions related to your stroopwafel plans. To ensure freshness, the stroopwafels are produced after our clients confirms an order before the stroopwafels are shipped worldwide.

Stroopwafel World offers the ability to distribute stroopwafels in bulk quanties. This can be pallets or up to a 20ft or 40ft container. Which can be shipped worldwide from the Ports in the Netherlands.

(Last update: 12-01-2019)