Stroopwafel World

Thank you for visiting the online stroopwafel webshop from the Netherlands.

First of all a stroopwafel is a very famous (soft) sweet cookie from the Netherlands, most of the people who tried the stroopwafel in our country love them. When they leave Amsterdam and go back to there own country they are missing real authentic Dutch stroopwafels.

Stroopwafel World is founded in september 2016 in Amsterdam Area, The Dutch waffles become more and more popular in the world. We as Stroopwafel World like to spread the stroopwafels in our own country and to foreign countries. Our products do fit very good for birthdays and company presents a swell.

So far our stroopwafels have been shipped to: Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, UK, Spain, USA, Iran, China, Japan, South-Korea, Saudi-Arabië and Dubai. We do ship stroopwafels (worldwide) abroad! 

If you would like to order stroopwafel in bulk, for example in pallets or even a 20FT or 40T container let me know:

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