Kanjers stroopwafels

The Original Kanjers Stroopwafels

Stroopwafels, the delicious traditional Dutch cookies with flavors of vanilla and cinnamon with a delicious caramel. Since 1995, the 'Original Kanjer Stroopwafel' has been the one and only stroopwafel. Is your mouth watering just by thinking about a Kanjer stroopwafel? In any case, we do!

How are Kanjer stroopwafels made?

Did you know that the stroopwafel is also called a syrup waffle? This is the delicious sweet syrup in the middle. The Kanjers stroopwafel is made of round waffle dough with a typical diamond pattern. When the cakes are baked they are cut in half, resulting in two thin round halves. Between these two halves is the syrup design and these are well pressed by machines. Just a little more in the fridge and it has become a real Kanjer Stroopwafel!


Different Kanjers Stroopwafels flavors

Where it started with the original Kanjers Stroopfels, it has not stopped. The range of Kanjer stroopwafels has expanded nicely over the years. From a Kanjer cookie with a speculoos flavor to stroopwafels covered with chocolate. The chocolate Kanjer stroopwafels are a joy to eat. Until now, the Kanjer Chocolate stroopwafels are topped with the following flavours: white chocolate, milk chocolate and milk chocolate caramel sea salt. In addition to biscuits, we also have delicious Stroopwafel Liqueur from Van Meers and even more special liqueurs in our online range. These sweet liqueurs are 100% worth trying!


Want to order Kanjer Stroopwafels online?

Kanjers are known for the original duo packaging. Handy cookies for on the go, to share, but the Kanjers Stroopwafels are actually so tasty that you'd like to eat two. The Kanjers stroopwafels from Stroopwafelworld are available in different quantities such as:

Promotional gift Giftbox Kanjers Stroopwafels

The Kanjer stroopwafels in the form of distribution boxes are ideal when you plan to treat Kanjer biscuits at work. A display box full of Kanjer stroopwafels, what more could you want? With a Kanjer display box or a gift box with Kanjers you are guaranteed to surprise the real enthusiasts. The distribution boxes are also sent abroad, so you could send the Kanjer distribution box or Kanjer biscuit gift box as a promotional gift. Let the business relationship feel a token of appreciation by means of a truly typical Dutch gift!

When you decide to order Kanjers stroopwafels online at Stroopwafelworld, the order will be delivered to you as soon as possible. We strive to deliver the packages to your home / work the next day within a few days!

Personalized holiday gift

Rather looking for a promotional gift for the holidays, with the logo of your company or association on the label? Then the freshly baked stroopwafels by the baker of Stroopwafel World are highly recommended! The Stroopwafels with logo are packed individually and have a sticker with your company logo - also suitable for sending abroad. This makes it a nice personalized promotional gift that is very suitable during the holidays!

Do you already feel like surprising your company to potential customers, staff or other relations in this original and tasty way?

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