Dutch export / import of the most delicious Stroopwafels

Want to experience the tastiest stroopwafels from Stroopwafel World abroad? That is possible! Quality stroopwafels in combination with beautiful packaging provide the ultimate stroopwafel experience abroad. The stroopwafels from the Netherlands have a long shelf life and are therefore well suited for export to other 'stroopwafel countries'.

The number of tourists in the Netherlands has increased sharply in recent years and what do tourists really like? Take home the nicest and tastiest 'typically Dutch' products. For example, many fresh stroopwafels are tasted and sold in Amsterdam. In addition to tourists taking stroopwafels abroad, we as Dutch people also like to take some 'typical Dutch food' abroad. The delicious stroopwafels are probably so well-known to family, friends or business associates abroad that they expect stroopwafels to be taken with them on every visit.

Bulk pack of Stroopwafels

When you opt for the Dutch export of stroopwafels, you can choose between different variants of large packaging stroopwafels. The following options for stroopwafels are available in bulk packaging for shipping abroad:

  • Stroopwafels Delft Blue Box (12x8 pcs)
  • Mini Stroopwafels Delft Blue Box (12x20 pcs)
  • Stroopwafels Delft Blue Display Box (2-pack)
  • Stroopwafel World - Stroopwafel Tins (12 pcs)
  • Stroopwafel Pallet - Stroopwafels Delft Blue (1x12x8 packs)
  • Mini Stroopwafels Delft Blue - Stroopwafel Pallet (1x120x12 mini)
  • Stroopwafel Delft Blue Pallet (1x440 display box - 10x2 packs)

Private Stroopwafel Label

Via Stroopwafel World it is possible to have your own 'Stroopwafel Label' developed (abroad) to give your company more name recognition. In the meantime, there is already quite a lot of requests for stroopwafels abroad. Stroopwafel World is the partner when it comes to sparring about your stroopwafel sales plans abroad and the associated export thereof. In addition to purchasing the stroopwafels, Stroopwafel World can also take care of shipping (shipping the stroopwafels abroad).

Stroopwafel import / export products Netherlands

The minimum order size is three pallets and the maximum purchase can be containers of 20ft or 40ft . The best-before date of the export syrup waffles is at least three quarters of a year. If you have any questions or would like to import stroopwafels abroad, please contact Stroopwafel World. For questions about the possibilities for purchasing in bulk, our e-mail address: [email protected]. The delicious stroopwafels are becoming more famous worldwide, something we at StroopwafelWorld can be proud of!

Personalized promotional gift

Rather looking for a promotional gift with the logo of your company or association on the label? Then the freshly baked stroopwafels by the baker of Stroopwafel World are highly recommended! The Stroopwafels with logo are packed individually and have a sticker with your company logo - also suitable for sending abroad. This makes it a beautiful personalized promotional gift that is very suitable for relations abroad, but also during the holidays!

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