Special Stroopwafel Recipes - Stroopwafel World

Special Stroopwafel Recipes - Stroopwafel World

Curious about some special stroopwafel recipes from a very big British customer of Stroopwafel World? Try them all and let us know if you like the stroopwafel recipes.

Stroopwafel ice cream

Using syrup and cut up mini stroopwafels.

Stroopwafel ice cream XL

Using syrup and cut up mini stroopwafels blended with Batavia Dutch Coffee for a thick milkshake.

Stroopwafel cheesecake

Using crushed speculaas biscuits as a base, and a layer of spread underneath the cheesecake mix.

Stroopwafel Panne Cotta

Made with cream, stroopwafel liquor and babbelaar brittle on top.



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