Dutch Original Tripple Stroopwafel Tins Set (3)

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Perhaps you visited the Dutch Albert Cuyp Markt in Amsterdam, The Netherlands before and tried the original fresh gooey stroopwafels. These original stroopwafels from the Netherlands are very popular in the stroopwafel World. The stroopwafels are made from the Original Stroopwafel kraam located at the Albert Cuyp Market.

A three way stroopwafel tin with 30 delicious stroopwafels from the Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). This stroopwafels are made the traditional way based on authentic original stroopwafel family recipe. Once the stroopwafels are finished you can refill the stroopwafel tins again with stroopwafels or for other products.

The weight from one box is approximately 500 gram. The box can be also a nice present for someone who likes stroopwafels or someone that would like to try them. The shelf-life from this stroopwafels goes to (about) 4 weeks, once we receive the order the stroopwafels will shipped out as fresh as possible to the whole stroopwafel World. Make sure you eat them after you receive it, but this would should be fine, right?


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