Shipping & Returns

Welcome to our Shipping page!

We understand that when you are considering to purchasing stroopwafels online from Stroopwafel World you would like to get some more information about the shipping. So far our worldwide shipments are going well, we already reached countries like the UK, USA and China (as examples). The most important is that our clients wants to keep their products and are satisfied with the quality of the items. We want to minimalize the return rate; obviously it can happen that there is a proper way that you want to return the order to Stroopwafel World. 

Shipping Inside the EU
Shipping within the EU has an average costs of €10,- (as ''beginning'' fee). If you are located in the Netherlands you can also choose to pick the order up in Haarlem Area, the appointment will be made after the payment.

Outside the EU
Shipping outside the EU has an average shipping price of €19,50 (as ''beginning'' fee), depending on the weight of the order and complexity to reach the country the costs can increase. When our clients by in bulk than the shipping rates are more more accessible. Below you see an indication for the estimated days it will take before your can eat your stroopwafels.

Here you can see a video about how the stroopwafels reached in South-Korea.

Inside the EU

Inside EU
Outside the EU
Outside the EU

Returning orders

In some cases it can happen that, you are not completely satisfied with your order. You have the right to change your mind within 14 days afer doing an purchase. If you want to return the order, please reach our customer service and sent the product in original condition back to us.

So far almost all of our clients are satisfied with the quality and the packaging of the products from Stroopwafel World. When they relize they can return the order the stroopwafels are already finished and they will do a rebuy.

(last update: 1-7-2017)