Stroopwafel Liquor Van Meers Gift

Stroopwafel liquor has been made for the stroopwafel fans all over the world. Van Meers created the stroopwafel liquor based on the ingredients of the real Dutch stroopwafel recipe. We do ship this liquor from Zwijndrecht. Cheers! Van Meers stroopwafel liquor is nice to drink as shot, mixed in tea, coffee or as topping on a dessert. It's getting more and more popular in the world, thank you. The funny thing is that most Dutch people know stroopwafels but stroopwafel liqueur is quite new for us. Dutch people are getting more interested in the ''stroopwafel likeur'' nowadays.

Shipment to VS / Canada / Zwitserland / Noorwegen / South-Africa

If you want to receive this items in one of these countries. Make sure you have an import license to import the stroopwafel liquor.

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